Palude di Fucecchio – Tuscany

December 23, 2020

Distance: 15km – Research Center

With an extension of about 2000 hectares, which touch the territory of 5 provinces in the heart of Tuscany, the Padule di Fucecchio is the largest inland marsh area in Italy.

It is a real naturalistic pearl, which hosts a great variety of marsh plants, from the royal fern to the large sedge, from the frog bite to the otricolaria, but also 200 species of birds, such as herons, cranes or the black stork, which make it a reference point for birdwatchers. Within the protected area, you can choose one of the 9 marked nature trails, to be covered mainly on foot or by bicycle.

The promotion and protection of this environment are carried out by the Center for Research, Documentation and Promotion of the Fucecchio Marshes, an ONLUS association composed of representatives of public bodies and local associations, which aims to promote the conservation and enhancement of quality historical, environmental and naturalistic areas of the Fucecchio Marshes.

The Center participates in the management of the Fucecchio Marsh Nature Reserve, both by providing its technical-scientific advice on maintenance and renaturalization interventions, and by organizing education and dissemination activities aimed at practically all age groups, including excursions and guided visits to school classes, groups of scholars or onlookers from all over the world.