Pistoia – Tuscany

December 23, 2020

Distance: 25 km

Capital of Culture 2017, Pistoia is a city rich in art and history that is often underestimated or little considered by tourists who come to Tuscany on holiday. We always recommend it, especially because it is very close to the farmhouse and can be reached in a few minutes by car or train.

Piazza Duomo is the cultural, administrative and judicial center of the city: here you can find the Cathedral of San Zeno, the Municipality and the court.

Inside the Cathedral the wonderful silver Altar of San Jacopo is exhibited; outside there are the Bell Tower, on which you can climb and the baptistery.

Other noteworthy monuments are: the Church of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas, the Parish Church of Sant’Andrea and the Museum of the Ancient Bishop’s Palace. As you walk, you will easily pass Piazza della Sala, full of bars and restaurants and the center of Pistoia’s nightlife.